How railcar equipment travels express to its destination.

The transport of light or heavy rail cars, engines, and equipment is a specialty of our heavy hauling fleet.

Each day of the year, across urban and rural areas from coast to coast, tens of thousands of people and countless tons of material goods are delivered to their destinations by the nation's freight and passenger rail systems. But when the operators of those systems need to transport a crucial piece of equipment through places where the rails don't reach, they call the SUPOR team.

As one of our more unique areas of specialty, the SUPOR team offers heavy hauling services geared to the logistical demands of light or heavy-rail engines, cars, or track maintenance equipment.

Contact us for details on trailer transport projects involving:

  • Heavy Rail incl. diesel or electric locomotives, cabooses, boxcars, passenger cars, etc.
  • Light Rail from single cars, to 3-part articulated LRVs
  • Third Rail incl. all types of subway vehicles
  • Antique Equipment

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